Nobility Care was designed to meet the needs of our country's military heroes who often suffer silently from debilitating mental illness and/or chronic pain. PTSD, Bipolar, chronic pain, and Diabetes are just a few of the medical conditions plaguing the military community, and suicide rates for veterans and service members are staggering; 22 suicides every day, including active-duty troops. Although the V.A. Hospital is available to these men and women, statistics show the average wait time for an appointment is 36 days. Lack of timely care, financial hardship, homelessness, and stigma are often the barriers preventing veterans and service members from receiving the care they need and deserve. 


Nobility Care eliminates the barriers by providing immediate assistance through need-based grants for qualifying veterans and service members. Through our program these men and woman can receive comprehensive health care including: medical treatment, clinical counseling, non-opioid holistic pain treatment, life coaching, and more. We are removing the barriers which often prevent many veterans and service members from receiving the health care they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives. In addition to community-oriented events designed to educate people on the importance of quality health care for veterans and service members, we also drive awareness through cause-marketing campaigns and events featuring notable celebrity goodwill ambassadors. 

  • Need-Based Health Care Grants for Qualifying Veterans and Service Members
  • Medicinal Treatment for Mental Health Conditions
  • Clinical Counseling for Behavioral Health
  • Opioid-Free Holistic Pain Treatment
  • Ongoing Support for Veterans and Service Members
  • Programs for Spouses and Children
  • Cause-Marketing Campaigns to Create Awareness 
  • Special Events For Veterans and Their Families

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